See you later

It was nice to catch up with some of the girls again. Looking back, we have really come a long way. I had the chance to watch these girls transform into mature, smart, and beautiful women. Even the little ones have grown so much. After we all leave the restaurant, I take the little ones to Conny’s Creamy Cone where we all got sundaes. They ask me when I will be coming back. I said I’m not sure but if I have the opportunity, I would try my best. As I leave Minnesota for graduate school, I will always remember their laughs and the hard work of our volunteers. Through the years, we've seen staffing changes and college students come and go. Each of us has played a role in helping these girls become more confident and simply trust in their imaginations. There is not enough words I can put together to describe the totality of impact these girls have had on my life. What had begun as program serving Karen boys and girls has since become an organization empowering young girls and giving them tools to overcome the unfairness of the world. As they will encounter a distinctive set of challenges in a context that will deny them choice and perhaps even  education, I wonder if in time, some will link this knowledge to resistance and activism work. As I’m driving away from Shem’s home, “See You Again” finally comes on the radio. The little ones have been asking for it the entire way to the restaurant. I will sign off with a quote that framed my thinking to start T2C a few years ago. I hope for those reading this blog, you may find relevance in these words toward your own lives. 

If not now, when?

If not here, where?

If not me, who?

If you're the person at the right time and the right place, how could you possibly walk away?