“My favorite color is black.”

“My favorite color is red because it’s a lucky color in my culture.”

“My favorite color is blue.”

“My favorite color is also red because in my culture it cast away evil spirit.”

We began today’s activity with a self introduction and our favorite colors!  It was interesting to see how some of us associate our favorite colors with our culture, emotion, or just a color we love.  A PhD Graduate from the University of Minnesota Psychology Program joined us for today’s session.  I was very fortunate that he can assist us with today’s activity “Psychology, International Experience, and Acting.” Our guest speaker prepared the famous Stroop Effect activity for our students. It turned out that only 1 of the 4 students have done this activity before but she didn’t know the story behind the activity. The girls definitely enjoyed the activity as they waited for their turn, laughing each time the other student, I, or our guest speaker get stuck on the next word color or color of a word.  What surprised me the most is how the girls have grown over time in our program.  I remember when we had our first guest speakers, the girls would shy away and I always have to encourage them speak. However, this time was different they were absolutely engaged throughout.  After the Stroop activity, our guest speaker talked about the field of Psychology. He also gave examples on how this field plays a role in our girls’ potential majors.  I think it’s really help for them to understand that Psychology isn’t just about mental health. We ended the day by going to a Vietnamese restaurant to get Pho.  I was shocked at how much pepper one of the girls put on her pho!  The girls seem to be very accustomed to the restaurant environment. It was an interesting experience for me since I rarely eat at the restaurant.  They said the service is similar to their experiences in Thailand.