T2C Showcase

T2C strives to expand artistic literacy and provide an understanding among our girls that the process of performance is transformative in itself. To experience that transformation has a direct correlation to the development of self efficacy in realms beyond the performing arts. The T2C Showcase event gives our girls an opportunity to experience theatre as a springboard for application in these other settings. Rehearsing for an imaginary audience and later performing in front of strangers initiate an externalization of their vulnerabilities. In the process of doing so, they are defining a new self, one with voice, conviction, and hope. Their performance contained elements of their writings. Some girls also did their own pieces. It was wonderful to see the group performance piece as well. Witnessing the girls' confidence on stage made me feel very proud to see how far they have come. Over the past few months, we have come to understand the risk factors in their lives and identified protective influences including the value of community building during our rehearsal process. Please see the videos below for our footage of the event. We apologize for the poor audio on the first one. The second video is a snippet of their song in our rehearsal. Go T2C!