Walker Arts Center Sculpture Garden

It was my first time going to the Walker Arts Center Sculpture Garden as well as many of our students. There were barely any descriptions on these outdoor sculptures.  However, the sculptures provide the students with the opportunity to explore what they think the art pieces were and why it was create in such a way.  We came across a sculpture that the student and I thought it look like the guy from Sleepy Hollow because of the coat and how the body parts were all separate.  The student ask a lot of questions about this piece of arts and were curious why there were so many female like figure throughout the sculpture garden.  Of course we can’t miss the cherry spoon! Which was a huge hit with a good amount of time taking picture with the cherry spoon.  There were other activities at the sculpture garden that were happening on this day.  Many of our students choose to make their own Musical Chair and one actually participate in the game being the 3rd to the last standing in the game! 

Sandra and a few students a long with one of our volunteer cooked lunch for the whole group.  It was Korean foods! It was a very touching moment seeing everyone eat together at one table.  It was actually the first time we got the whole group to eat lunch together!  Tommy, one of the Mentor, was giving out a speech to the whole group about the experience we have with the students and them with us.  The students claps for the Mentors and for themselves.

We couldn’t end the day without going inside the Walker Art Center which was free since it was the first Saturday of the month.  I got a bit confuse with the art center and also a few students who stick with me were a bit confuse. The arts center looks more history like then what most of us consider arts to be.  I ask a few student what their favorite art piece or most memorable piece in the Arts Center and most of them point to a case that have a letter to the art center that said, “Dear Art Museum … Your art is weird …”  I can totally see why the student choose this piece as their most memorable piece in the center.