Super Mentor Tommy Choi

On Saturday July 19th, I took the kids to eat sushi and Korean food. The kids have been asking me for several weeks to take them somewhere nice, saying that I never take them anywhere. Apparently, Burger king didn't count as a place. So I picked up the kids and took them to a restaurant in Minneapolis called, "Dong Hae." There we met up with Kendra and looked at the menu for quite some time. There were so many amazing dishes to choose from, that we couldn't decide on what to get. We had such a hard time deciding, we asked the waiter for more time. The kids giggled shyly every time the waiter came by, asking if we were ready. Finally, when we were ready, we ordered a lot of different meals. We tried octopus stir fried, several different sushi rolls, black bean noodles, spicy beef stir fried, and had ice cream. The kids loved the food so much, they said they had to box the rest home. After dinner the kids told me, they didn't want to go home. So we decided to go shopping at Walmart. At Walmart the girls walked around trying on different clothes and shoes. They were asking me for fashion advice. The girls would ask if certain colors looked good on them, or if the shirts matched the shoes they were going to buy. They even asked me what my favorite color was. After the girls picked out what they wanted, they went and paid for their new summer clothing. As we were walking to the car, I could tell the kids still wanted to stay out and have fun. Unfortunately, it was getting late and I had to tell the kids it was time to go home. The kids then made me promise to take them to a movie next time. I dropped them off at their home and we all said our goodnight.