Healthy Budgeting Lesson

Last week at T2C, each student brought in an item of significance and shared why it is important.  Some brought in jewelry, others toys, and even a journal of prayers!  It was important for the students to recognize that many things are more important than money. Next, we split the students into three groups and learned some new terms: budget, fixed expense, variable expense, necessity, and non-necessity.  Nearly everyone caught onto the differences between variable and fixed expenses, but many students debated about what expenses were essential versus non-essential.  To tie the first and second activity together, we then watched a spoken word poetry performance about homelessness (see video link below).  It was clear that many of the young girls connected to the poem.  They shared thoughts like, “sometimes you can’t tell when a person doesn’t have a home” and “there are things that mean a lot more”.  These thoughts really touched me and the other mentors.  Finally, we spent the last fifteen minutes or so working on poetry, journaling, and creating stories for our end of the summer production.  Hope to see you there!