Today, I took the 4 students to Himalayan Restaurant.  I have asked if they have been to a restaurant before and they said yes apparently later they said that have only been to the Chinese buffet.  The students feel uncomfortable in the environment as they look around the restaurant which was decorated with images from Nepal, Tibet, and India. Suddenly, the students pick up the utensil and said they don't know how to use the utensil which was a fork and a knife.  Our volunteer Chu Yi asked the waiter for spoon.  I ask the student what they use to eat at home and they said they eat with their hands.  I told them here at this restaurant you can eat with your hands and the students just stare at me and so Chu Yi and I both ate with our hands and soon the students follow.  The foods was strange to them, but they did enjoy it.  They say I should take them to a Chinese restaurant the next time and my answer was no I want you guys to try different food I know you eat a lot of Chinese food before already.  Then I took them to the University of Minnesota before we call it a night.