Guest blog by Veronica O'Connor

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful young ladies through Teach to Change, a Minneapolis non-profit aimed at providing Karen refugees with the resources they need to be successful.  This was my first experience working with youth whose native language I didn’t speak.  At first, I was overwhelmed, worried that I wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively with them.  None of that seemed to matter however, because we spent the evening writing spoken word poetry and I was truly inspired by what was shared.  The ladies wrote about physical appearances, bullies at school, soldiers, refugee camps, and more.  Following the spoken word exercise, we talked about school work.  The girls were fascinated that I was studying Biology at the University of Minnesota, so we talked about that for a while as well.  This first evening with this group was a ton of fun! (not too mention very eye-opening) I can’t wait to spend the summer growing and learning with them:)