Sing to the Land of Taiwan May 15th 2014

On May 15th, the mentors and some volunteers took the kids to the University of Minnesota Coffman Union. There we attended a show titled, "Sing to the Land of Taiwan." The band, "Takao Run" performed dance and music, that incorporated both modern day and traditional style of art and culture. Although the kids didn't understand the language, they were mesmerized by the bands energetic and enthusiastic performance. In one of the songs they had us shout along at key moments and I remember watching the kids seated in their rows shouting, as they threw their hands in the air. They would then look at each other and giggle away, missing their next shouting opportunity. After the show, the kids got to take tons of pictures with almost all the performers. They didn't want to miss any photo opportunities with the band members. The last photo we took was with one of their youngest performer. The kids found out that she was 12 years old and their faces just lit up. "Wow she's younger than me?" After the photo shoot, we went down to the bowling alley to get the kids some popcorn. Our volunteer, Chu Yi bought the kids some hot cocoa. There we said goodbye to each other and goodnight to the chocolate mustached kids : )