Day 1: Why was Abraham Lincoln sympathetic to the South?

Day 1. A few words. We did it. I just feel so proud of my mentor-tutors. Each of us picked up our kid and took them to Our Savior Lutheran's Church over in East St. Paul. Once we arrived, we went over some business items and then proceeded to the tutoring. I sat down next to some students working on math homework. The girl was using the formula for determining the volume of sphere to solve for the surface area! We looked up the formula for surface area on my phone because she didn't have it in her notes. After explaining the difference between radius and diameter, I walked around to see what the other volunteers were doing. Tommy is on his phone researching the answer to some history questions. The teacher had told the student to find information online. The question was in your opinion, why was Abraham Lincoln sympathetic to the South? Both Tommy and the student looks baffled. Across from his table, I see Sandra playing with the little ones. Mina is quietly working with a few students on their English homework. 15 minutes before 8, Tommy pulls out the guitar and we practice our first song together.

The song is called Sanctuary. After defining the word sanctuary, we ask students to share their an example of a safe place. One girl, holding onto Sandra's arm, says "right here", which absolutely is the cutest thing in the world. Another girl says, "buffet". We all had a good laugh there. After a few runs with the song, we pack up and leave. A great first day.