Day 2 Adventures

It is amazing how much the students change from Day 1 to Day 2.  On the first day most students seem shy to ask for help with their homework, and seem to be a bit distance from their mentor. Today the students and mentors are closer. Way to go! I started to hand out the assessment questionnaires that the mentor have created for their pillar. It’s amazing to see all the students being serious about the questions, talking out loud among each other, and asking the mentors questions. One of the interesting question I received was, “do you like to draw,” and my respond to it was, “yes, but I can only draw animal not human.” I believe most students love arts since more than one students have asked me that question.

Yefei is helping one of the student fill out the get to know you form that was handed out on Day 1 as well as the questionnaires. Sandra was helping a group of students study biology and math for their exam the next day. One of the student was able to repeat her understanding of translation for her biology test. She was very nervous, but Sandra encourage her to not worry about how people will judge her. Polly and Kendra were helping the younger students work on the assessment questionnaires and their homework. I show one of the student our website since she question why I was taking pictures. I explain that almost every session we will either take picture or record what we do today. I am not sure how to explain her expression since she became shy that we were posting pictures and video up on the website. The last amazing thing I heard from some students was that our tutoring section is too short and ask if we can do it on the weekends so that it can be longer! It’s great to hear that the students are having a great time with us!