Basic First Aid

What would you do if you found your friend unconscious in your living room? Today I spoke to the girls about first aid. We discussed situations where we could be directly involved in helping an injured person, whether that be a family, friend, or someone we don’t even know. We talked about how they may be the only one present in those situations. While they may not have careers in mind related to professional medics or first responders, the purpose of the lesson was to help keep them calm in serious health emergencies. I taught them to first be safe of their surroundings and call for help before they attempt to make contact with the injured. We talked about several different scenarios where they may come across an unconscious or an injured person. Then, we had them tell us step by step what they would do to help that person. The girls of course had some very good common sense of how they would help that person, but common sense sometimes isn't enough. Sure it was easy to talk about scenarios because it was controlled and they weren't real. However, it's hard to use your head or even think straight when you're panicking to help someone. So we went into detail about several different injuries and ways to treat them. There were a good handful of questions but I think they were very focused on taking notes. I remember I asked one of the girls what she would do if someone was unconscious and she replied she would first move that individual to wake him or her up. Another girl replied she would start with CPR. We all had a good laugh after they realized they skipped several steps. The lesson was very packed, full of knowledge and note taking but all in all the girls did an excellent job of writing everything down and making sure they remembered everything. I was happy to hear that the girls felt confident to help someone in an emergency.