Gender Bias

Today, we focused on gender bias revealed to us that sexism can exist through many different lens. We opened with an exercise on brainstorming female stereotypes. We defined stereotypes again and polled our girls on their thoughts on pressures within their culture. Many girls expressed the responsibility of females to provide for their family. We are surprised to learn that within their culture in the United States, the men worked while the women managed all the money. In the refugee camps, life was very different since no one earned a salary. However, now that they are here, the men always give their pay to their wives. We discussed stereotypes in American for other cultures. We mentioned a few examples from personal life and talked about  expectations in a marriage and the definition of equality and fairness. We connected the take-away of the lesson to the importance of knowledge. In that, in a society where women typically earn less and face double standards, education becomes a language of power. If these girls know the language, they can not only defend themselves against social injustices but also correct them.